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High-end Detailing 

Vigour strives to live in the realm of High-end Detailing. What is that? There are two types of detailing: Production Detailing and High-end. Production detailing is your dealership style, quick in and out service that doesn’t provide many options other than a quick interior and basic wash on the exterior; these types of services are like your fast food restaurants. They use cheap products and offer a quick fix that can leave you somewhat satisfied, but is not meant to be a deep thorough, quality job. Generally, a production detail will cost around $150 for both the interior and the exterior, but remember what you’re getting, a quick fix to a much bigger problem.


On the other hand, there is High-end Detailing. This is a level of service for those who are looking for something better. We focus on the best products, safest methods, time spent, and unrivaled results. High-end Detailing is about craftsmanship and art. It's about taking the vehicle from neglected to immaculate. It’s about having a level of knowledge that surpasses Production Detailing. This isn’t just another day at the job for us, this is our pride and joy. Taking care of your vehicle is our top priority. High-end Detailing has many things to offer. It’s not just about cleaning your car or getting those year-old French fries from under the seat. We want to perfect your vehicle and protect it for years to come. High-end detailing isn’t something that just anyone can do. It takes skill, knowledge, passion, and hard work to be at this level. We want to be the best and offer you the best services around. 


Industry Standards and Safe Methods

We take pride in using safe and effective detailing methods. There is so much more that goes into a detail than going to the store, buying some products, and cleaning a vehicle. The professional detailing industry has standards that are recognized as the safest methods for your vehicle. To wash your vehicle without scratching it by using a three-bucket method with grit guards, or to clean your leather without drying it out, or to use a proper decontamination process are some of the keys to a safe detail. Detailing is more than just cleaning it’s how we go about the process. We use the highest quality microfiber on the market, and the best tools that can perform a safe job so that you are at ease knowing your pride and joy is being well taken care of. The goal of high-end detailing is to preserve the vehicle as much as possible and we do that by following standards and safe methods. 

Our Products 

We are very picky about what touches our vehicle and we wouldn’t put something on yours that isn’t already on ours. Our products have gone through deep research, testing, and are used by other High-end professional Detailers. We do not use products from big box or auto parts stores that are mass marketed and are low quality. To use the fast food analogy again; if you know how bad fast food is for your body, then you should also know how bad cheap car cleaning products can be for your vehicle. A steady diet of fast food can fill you up and fix hunger, but over time it will eventually kill you. Cheap products may fix a temporary problem, but over time they will cause more damage then good. We focus on the best products in the detailing industry and have high standards for what is considered a “good” product. Contrary to Production Detailing, High-end Detailing wants to use the finest products on your vehicle to give the best results possible. 

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