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Vigour is a high-end auto detailing business that started in the summer of 2018. Our priority is caring for people and their investments; we treat your car like it’s our own. Using premium products, and meticulous attention to detail to achieve unrivaled results, Vigour strives to be your premier detail shop in northwest Ohio.


Our mission is to give people a level of service that goes beyond a fast paced culture, and slows down to see the finer details in our art. We are passionate about fine craftsmanship and believe that each of our customers deserve our best work.

Continual Growth 

Vigour is about the continual pursuit of excellence. Investing in our skills, and knowledge is an ongoing lifestyle that shapes a professional detailer. Going to training events, talking with other professional detailers and product companies, reading up-to-date education materials, and being members of the International Detailing Association are just a few ways we stay current in the detailing industry.


We are about investing into our craftsmanship and we cannot do that without training. Training is a vital part of our business and we make sure to go to as many seminars as possible each year. We don’t want to only become better detailers we also want to become better people. Working within this industry connects us to people from around the world. With different backgrounds and walks of life we get to see the world from other perspectives and learn from those outside of ourselves. We want to grow and that only comes by being continually intentional about the pursuit of excellence. 

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