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Interior Surface Care

Our interior service is far more then getting year old French fries out from underneath your seats. 

The process of interior detailing starts with a vacuum and dusting with a variety of brushes to remove as much dirt and debris as possible; we do ask that clients remove any personal items from the vehicle prior to drop-off time. We then move on to cleaning doors, dash, center console, headliner, seats, carpeting, windows and all crevices with premium products making it look better than the day you bought it. We DO NOT use consumer grade products such as Armor All. These products will dry out interior surfaces and cause damage to your vehicle. We also do not use greasy dressings, or harsh all purpose cleaners that can dry out and crack vinyl and leather. Each product we use on your interior is made specifically for the types of materials found in your vehicle. 


In conjunction with professional products we also use a steam machine to give the deepest clean. Steam cleaning is safe and effective allowing us to get into tight crevices and safely clean all types of materials. Carpeting and fabrics will be steam cleaned so that seats are not overly saturated with water that could potentially cause mold to grow giving a wet musty smell.

If odors are present in the vehicle such as smoke or wet fabrics from previous improper detailing an ozone treatment can be added for additional cost. This service typically takes half a day, and for neglected vehicles a full day is needed.


All prices are based upon a visual inspection of the vehicle's current condition. Fill out the contact information form to schedule your appointment. 

❖ Heavily Soiled Vehicles
❖ Seat Cleaning
❖ Carpet Cleaning
❖ Pet Hair Removal 

❖ Smoke/Odor Removal 


Protecting your vehicle from UV damage, the inevitable morning coffee spill, or the dreaded sippy cup...

Once the interior detail is complete we then move on to protecting your surfaces. It happens to all of us at some point. That trip to Starbucks, kids in the back seat, winter road salt, a quick lunch in the car, UV rays discoloring the dash, whatever it is we can help you fight against it with our interior protection options. From leather, to carpeting, to floor mats, seats, plastics and vinyl we can protect every material found in your vehicle. 

L1 Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion resistant matte finish which offers the best ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer and other discoloration. With added BioCote® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria. Friction protection is particularly important on seat bolsters, seat piping and any other high wear areas.  The anti stain function is most relevant for light colored leathers which are typically stained by dark colored fabrics such as indigo jeans. 


I1 Smart Fabric AB protects all kinds of fabrics from water and oil based stains. It is breathable and extremely durable and fluorocarbon free. With added BioCote® anti-microbial technology, treated surfaces will kill 99.9% of bacteria. I1 Smart Fabric AB makes ordinary fabrics waterproof and easy to clean. Use it to prevent soaking, swelling or rotting on any fabric. 

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C6 Matte Dash is specifically designed to protect dashboard and door card materials including vinyl, plastics and rubberized finishes.

The coating adds abrasion resistance and UV protection to treated surfaces. And with added Biocote® antimicrobial technology, treated surfaces kill 99.9% of bacteria.

C6 will not affect the gloss of your cars trim and leaves a natural feel.

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Please note that in order to better serve our clients we require a 50% non-refundable deposit on all services to reserve appointments. 


Please understand that because we are a high-end detailer we cannot give a final price for services without being able to inspect the vehicle first. This ensures that we are able to give you our best and be properly prepared for your appointment.


In order to give you our best work and guarantee the highest level of satisfaction our prices are subject to the condition of the vehicle. Highly soiled and/or neglected vehicles will see an up charge to accommodate more labor and products. 


If you are unsatisfied with our work or you believe there is an issue with a service we provided, please contact us within 48 hours so we can act quickly to fix it. Due to the nature of how vehicles are used and exposed to potential damage we cannot be held responsible for defects found after 48 hours as we cannot guarantee we are the cause.

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